PTSA General Membership meetings are for everyone!

Meetings are a  great way to learn more about the issues relating to what our students face at school and how to prepare them, as well as ourselves, for all they may encounter. They provide an opportunity to meet other parents and staff, and work with them on strategies to strengthen the family-school partnership.

PTSA General Membership meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

NEXT MEETING: August 24 @ 7 PM


PTSA Agenda Includes: 

  • Introduction
  • Minutes & Executive Board Report & Recommendations
  • Financial Reports
    • End Year Financial Report
    • End Year Audit
    • 2022-2023 Budget
    • Treasurer & Financial Secretary Reports for June & July 
  • Committee Updates (Membership, Communications, Reflections, Fundraising)
  • Old/New Business
  • News/Announcements
  • Principal's Report
  • Q&A



  • PTSA meetings are open to the entire Reed community to comment and participate, but you must be a PTSA member to vote! Not a member yet, JOIN now at To vote, members will type yes, no, or abstain in the chat.
  • Participants must join with their first and last name.
  • The meeting will be recorded for our records (but will not be posted or shared). Participants who do not wish to be recorded may turn off their camera.
  • There will be many opportunities for participation, but to keep things orderly, we ask participants to raise their hands and stay muted until called upon to speak.  If necessary, time limits will be imposed by the parliamentarian to be respectful of everyone's time.
  • PTSA reserves the right to remove participants who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior. PTSA includes students, and we ask that everyone comport themselves appropriately (no bad language, use a respectful tone, keep comments relevant to issues).




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