CA schools are facing a $12.5 billion budget crisis because of COVID-19. That’s about $3,400 per student or $90,000 per classroom. On top of that, LAUSD forced Reed to use its carryover funding from last year to pay for teachers to prevent displacements due to lower COVID enrollment. 

What are the options to help schools?

1) Do nothing and hope the problems disappear.

2) Join the fight and TAKE ACTION by doing one (or better yet all) of the items below:

  • #PTSAVotes: Be sure to register to vote! This election includes an important local School Board vote. Ask questions of candidates to be sure they support Public Education funding! Also on the table are 2 state ballot measures supported by PTSA -- Proposition 15 (more here)and Proposition 16. The last day to register to vote in the November 3rd General Election is October 19th.
  • Complete a More Than A Meal Application by the end of September! Whether or not you are interested in the school meal program, the information from this application is used to determine our schools Title I status, which in turn impacts whether Reed receives critical school funding!
  • Join/renew your PTSA Membership to support advocacy efforts for school funding on a local, state, and national level and make a 100% tax-deductible voluntary donation. 100% of all donations stay at Reed for programs that benefit ALL students and families in EVERY academy and program! Learn more about what PTSA does at Reed!
  • Learn more about how CA schools are funded (or underfunded) to understand the current education funding crisis in California, which has only gotten worse under COVID-19!


More Resources: